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    Beauty Product Reviews Vitality; Say WHAT?

    Why checking beauty product reviews are vital prior to buying

    Can cosmetics can be expensive? YES. One of the first things I do before spending a large chunk of money on a product (I’ve not personally used before) is go online and check out the reviews. Why are reviews important? Reviews are important because they allow you to authentically gauge the general census of the […]

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    Makeup Prime Time; What is Primer?

    Primer, in all its wonder. Primer is one of those things that seemed irrelevant, until I first tried it.  There are primers for lipstick, eye shadow and foundation.  There are even skincare lines that have the all-in-one, skincare and primer in one product. Often times, I will even use a primer as a mixing medium […]

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    8 Best Mascaras 2017

    What’s hot in Mascara land? The Top 8 Trending Mascaras of 2017! A good mascara is always a hot comodity. Mascara is one of the five things I’d grab if I were to be stranded on an island and could only take five things. It makes or breaks a look, very much like shoes do […]

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    Facelift Recovery; Post-op Makeup Correction

    Ever wonder what 2-week-post-op makeup correction looks like, for a facelift? Facelift recovery can be long and daunting.  A few months ago I had a client come to me who was 2 weeks post op from having a face lift.  She expressed it was safe to start using cosmetics again, had a meeting and needed […]

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    How to get FREE LIPSTICK on National Lipstick Day!

    Happy National Lipstick Day! In salute to National Lipstick Day, Mac Cosmetics is giving away one lipstick in select shades only. This is going down on a first come first serve basis so GET THERE EARLY! And be sure to show off your piece in the comments below!

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    Todays Look; Unicorn Paint

    Unicorn kristin de la renta

    Unicorn Paint I sat. I put the camera on. I opened myself to ‘whatever happens-happens’ and voila, this look. In retrospect, I feel like this is always how I’ve created makeup looks on my clients. Even fashion styling plays this game in my world. Something always gives way and an intuitive opportunity to customize the […]

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    Review; Yasou Cellular Day Cream

    Get a Hold of a Glowing, Vibrant and Healthy Skin with YASOU Natural Cellular Day Cream Are you one of those women who want to obtain a glowing, vibrant and healthy skin without the harsh chemicals and ingredients? Are you a gluten free beauty type of gal, like me? If yes, you’re going to love […]