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    Todays Look; Unicorn Paint

    Unicorn kristin de la renta

    Unicorn Paint I sat. I put the camera on. I opened myself to ‘whatever happens-happens’ and voila, this look. In retrospect, I feel like this is always how I’ve created makeup looks on my clients. Even fashion styling plays this game in my world. Something always gives way and an intuitive opportunity to customize the […]

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    Review; Yasou Cellular Day Cream

    Get a Hold of a Glowing, Vibrant and Healthy Skin with YASOU Natural Cellular Day Cream Are you one of those women who want to obtain a glowing, vibrant and healthy skin without the harsh chemicals and ingredients? Are you a gluten free beauty type of gal, like me? If yes, you’re going to love […]

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    On My Radar; 6 Best Beauty Box Subscriptions

    6 Best Beauty subscription Boxes I Love! Beauty Boxes ROCK!! Right!? Sometimes standing in that makeup isle can be a straight up sensory overload. It may leave you asking “what goes with what, where when and most importantly HOW?”.  Well, insert: The Beauty Box. Beauty boxes are a GREAT way to step out of your […]

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    Todays Look | Kerosine Beauty Queen

    Editorial Makeup Inspiration Products Used: Prep: Caudalie Beauty Elixer Skincare: Yasou Day Cream, Caudalie Reservatrol Lift Serum, Caudalie Cru Eyecream Foundation: Makeup Forever HD Liquid Foundation in 325 mixed with Artist Couture Pigment in Illuminati Concealer: Bobbi Brown Eye Brightener in Porc Peach Eyes: Exotic Lotus Palette by Velvet 59; shades: Kyotoa Kimono, Smoked Tea […]

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    Wedding Makeup; 8 Tips for Today’s Bride

    Wedding Makeup There are a million things to consider when planning the  picture perfect wedding day.  It is my hopes that this post will alleviate one of them: your wedding makeup.  From airbrush or traditional foundation, to pink or red lips, I’ll cover the basics and why. Ps – a lot of this also applies […]

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    How to; Valentine’s Day Makeup

    Hey guys! As promised, here are the deets (details) to a pretty versatile Valentine’s day look that will go with almost nay outfit and have you feeling like your already-glam self!  I break it down, step by step, for ya below. Skincare: I started out with Yasou Natural Day Cream, Caudalie Cru Eye Cream followed by […]

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    Business; Retail is Dead


    Internet Shopping is En Vogue Retail is dead? Not quite yet. But it is dying and virtual retail, online shopping as some would call it, is taking over.  The internet and its convenience seems to be the culprit.  Particularly in the Cosmetics Industry, I’ve noticed a progressive decline over the last 5 years in numbers and clout by […]