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    The Mind. The Weapon.

    the mind the weapon

    It will tell you you’ve been rejected, that you’re not good enough, that you’re too old to go after the dreams that you’re meant for, that there’s not enough time or money or support. That you need to change this or that to be deserving of .

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    Remember Who You Are

    Remeber Who You Are

    There will be times when the challenges seem like they are too much to bear. It is at this threshold I’ve learned that I must keep going. For the reality that comes to be shortly after that inevitable point where I feel like my face is about to smack dead on the cement but it doesn’t.

    That point where I’m faced with a choice to keep going head-on into the unknown or quit and remain where I am – is nothing short of a miracle.

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    Surrendering to What Is

    The strength and power is in letting go. Easier said than done sometimes, I know.

    Surrendering to what is

    What it is vs What is should be I’ve come to learn that there is this invisibly-epic-yet-vital fine line of taking action vs letting go. Surrender can be used in both options, of course. Coming or going. Answering or letting it go to voicemail. Meditating to attract or taking action to chase. I’ve come to […]

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    Trust Your Mistakes

    Trust Your Mistakes

    My mistakes have always been my favorite teacher. For better or for worse, I learn and process the world through experience. I wish I could say it’s always as simple as reading a book and choosing otherwise, but that’s just not my operating system sometimes. I must fall down, lick my wounds, process then pivot. […]

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    The Art Form of Asking for Help

    Because we all need somebody!

    The Art Form of Asking for Help

    The Art Form of Asking for Help Many of us find is challenging, and even impossible, to ask for help. People in supposed power have been taking advantage of the seemingly needy for centuries. Society has conditioned us to view needing help as a weakness.  And who wants to be viewed as weak? Unless you’re […]