Coconut oil is more than just an oil from a tropical drupe.  It’s a gift.  A multi-talented healing modality that morphs with master and intention and has changed my life.  Before discovering the multiple food allergies I have, I was miserable and living in symptoms I knew not what from.

Desperate to feel better, I researched like a feign until I came across the forum  It was there that I read other people’s experiences with symptoms similar to my own and what they did to aide in healing (both with and without western medicine).  Many SWORE by VIRGIN coconut oil! And to my surprise, I discovered not only does coconut oil have anti inflammatory properties, it is also a natural antibiotic amongst other things. Immediately I decided to start taking it internally in my smoothies and by the teaspoon at varying times throughout the day.

While it did not cure my now known allergies, I know that everything had to happen EXACTLY as it did to make me WANT to research the benefits further. Hence, it was just the beginning of my romance with this oil!

Below you’ll find a list of all the ways coconut oil benefits my life today:

  • makeup remover
  • facial moisturizer
  • tanning oil
  • body moisturizer (just before leaving the shower so it’s a thin layer and absorbs into the skin)
  • hair protectant prior to bleaching
  • hair moisturizer post bleaching
  • post waxing wax remover
  • massage oil
  • sexual lubricant
  • stretch mark body oil while pregnant (i don’t have ANY)
  • infant moisturizer
  • cooking oil
  • as an ingredient in my natural lip balm recipe

Feel free to comment with the ways you may use it, as well as with any questions you may have for me. This ish is MAGICK!