Gluten Free Mascara!??

Or Gluten Laced Mascara?

I believe the Universe speaks to me through people.  I’ve lost count as to how many times I can inquire about something in the space between my ears, and then anywhere from later that day to a week later, someone will speak the solution or hint to the next step towards the solution or desired outcome.  It has even been a simultaneous Q & A with the forces that be numerous times while walking down the typical overly crowded streets of NYC and just being conscious of the conversations around me in any given moment.  Okay, enough with the hokey pokey.

“How does this relate to my lashes?”, you might say.

Gluten free mascaraWell, a little over a week ago I started using a new mascara. I wasn’t crazy about it but it wasn’t necessarily

horrible so I continued to use it.  Then last Sunday as I’m getting dressed to the 9’s for my freelancing shift at Mac I noticed I was missing quite a few eyelashes, more than would be the case had I violently pulled off the falsies from the previous week’s auditions.  I didn’t have time to fret, so I clumped on a few more coats to thicken them and bounced.

Later that day I took an appointment.  When I asked her if she wanted lashes she said yes.  And preceded to tell me of her gluten allergy to cosmetics (just like me) and how she realized after weeks of using a certain mascara that it had gluten as an ingredient which was the culprit in causing her lashes to fall out. And guess what?  Such was the case with mine!

gluten free mascara“WTF!?” silently echoed in my head.  Both because I hadn’t remembered to consider that AND because the Universe did it again (gets me EVERY time).

I then recommended to her (and myself) Grandelash-MD.  I first discovered it during my time managing a medical spa when I accidentally waxed off too much brow. It’s the little sister to Latisse, minus the prescription and harsh chemicals.  It runs about $75 but is (for the most part) botanical and I saw results within 2 weeks.  Check it out!






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