Going with the Flow vs Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Morning routines are super important, especially in the artist lifestyle. I’ve read that the creative mind needs routine in order to relax and allow the juices of inspiration to flow through.  In the book, it stated that the extra energy the mind saves trying to improvise within the unknown can instead be used to connect to that something, which is individually unique for each person, and fuel the muse so-to-speak. Frankly, I suck at this.

My Perfect Morning

As a single mom, makeup artist and entrepreneur the struggle for balance is real. I like to wake up in the morning, brush my teeth-while my coffee is brewing, light a candle (for a good day) and write (by hand) to chill instrumental music for however long it takes to complete 3 pages. Then I meditate, hit the gym or yoga, and make a protein smoothie with breakfast. Ideally, this would happen regularly and in a perfectly calm manner of complete structure.  At the same time and on the daily, to give me optimal results.

My Cake of Reality

Instead, my life is deliciously seasoned with mommy duties and a career path where jobs pop up SUPER last minute, start and end at crazy times, and involve a lot of personalities and moving parts.  Top this with frosting and a cherry of constant content flowing to keep the momentum, and WHEW!

My Mantra

“I’m flexible with the expectations I have of myself and of those around me.” I’d like to believe we are all doing the best we can. I know I am.  And that sh*t’s far from perfection. Moreover, how I’d like things to be might not actually be what’s best for me. Grrrr. Or maybe they are the best things for me and I’m on my way to them even as I type this post.

Final Thoughts

Either way, whether my routine is on point or not, it’s important to stay positive and healthy minded. To do whatever it takes to stay in that place of truth, and to find the routine that works to keep this goal of peace at the forefront of all choices and thoughts I have surrounding how things are and how I think they should be. Which means surrendering to the fact that my routine is, going with the flow.

All books aside, I believe that from that place of calm and peace and knowing, I can create and attract like minds with grace.  And my dreams, my goals, my destiny.. are mine.

What is your routine? How do you stay inspired?