What is Beauty?

This photo by @allieserranoportaits is the first photo I’ve taken in my ‘mode’. Typically I have #bts sent to me from someone on-set catching me in-action.

This image brought me back to when I was just starting out in South Beach in 2004 – makeup and modeling – at the same time. And how dressing the part immediately put my mind in the frame it needed to be in, to execute and kick ass. ⠀

I’m not typically a fan of the traditional ‘fake it ‘til you make it’. Although it has served as a useful self-imposed mindf*ck tool for those times when I’m in a certain flavor-of-a-funk I’d rather not be in.

In my world, and at times, beauty and style are a means of doing just that – getting out of The Funk. Faking it until I make it, if you will. But for the betterment of where I’m going, NOT to hide or impose ill intent.

For example, have you ever gone through a breakup or something heavy in life, changed your hair in some drastic way and then felt better? THAT’S the flavor of faking it until I make it I’m referring to.

It’s an inside out job.

I know beauty is an inside job, but it’s also an outside job. Sometimes we have to dress the role we want before we have it, in order to hit the vibration to attract the life we desire. And once we’re there, let that inner goddess shine through!

If you’re curious to know more, you can read more on my take via my blog post – Change Your Hair Change Your Consciousness – in the Personal Growth section of my blog.

Beauty and style can be used to hide, it can be used to express, it can be used to heal and it can be used to grow – inside and out. ⠀

Beauty is beyond vanity…⠀