Making space; Beauty for the Soul

Hey Guys!

I was meditating this morning. I guess I should start with, I’m on the tail end of a vicious stomach virus. Which brought me to my knees over Easter weekend and was a symbolic cleansing for the many changes afoot, on many levels.  For example, I let go of a few people and situations I’ve outgrown and, despite outward appearances, were not in alignment with my journey.  I did this not in anger, but in acceptance of what is and what needs to be for new amazingness to seep in.  Making space.

Bringing it full circle, I was meditating this morning. In my meditation I saw the need to write this post amidst the boxes and moving debris all around me, and come to center. I reflected on how it’s often not easy being a sober woman and entrepreneur in an industry latent with people and temptations seemingly trying to take my soul. And how my calling and creative expression is in this arena so I must continue to keep close those on a similar spiritual path as me. And close to the Universe. For a good friend and healer reminded me while at my worst this weekend: “our spirit is bigger than any tangible problem” and that truth is sometimes easy to forget.

How have you forgotten? Where does space need to be made for growth? And how will you bring it back to center? Comments are always welcome below and I’ll see you guys again after this move into my new pad!

XOXO, Kris