Nars New Multipurpose Palette

As a professional makeup artist, finding a palette I don’t have to put together myself that ALSO satisfies multiple skin tones like – NEVER HAPPENS. There’s a typically a light version and a dark version, which weighs my kit down.

Then this morning, I fell into this gold nugget of amazingness: NARS Cosmetics is launching a new multi-purpose shadow palette!

Multipurpose as in eyes, cheeks and wherever else you can conjure using it. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) And multipurpose as in ALL SKIN TONES – YES!

PRO TIP: I will often use eyeshadows for contour colors and products that are made for use on the cheeks, on the eyes to subtly pull the look together towards the end of the application. In my opinion, powder is powder (Unless the package deems it dangerous. Which means it’s wouldn’t be in my kit in the first place.)

The colors in this palette contain the brand’s Pigment Power Suspension formula designed for a silky effect with application and creates a high-impact, long-wearing color. AND I love this brand because it’s gluten free.

Are you wondering who the face will be? Well, wonder no more!

A new partnership with British supermodel Naomi Campbell has been announced for the brand’s Spring 2019 launches.

The product is set to be released on January 15 in the UK. I’ll update this once I get a US release!

Lastly, hit up my last post on pro discounts to see if you qualify for 40% off!