StreetStyle Cast in St. Petersburg, FL.

Streetstyle is one of my favorite types of content, to create and to muse off of. I love downtown St. Pete. Since being in the area, I’ve come to appreciate the rampantly-spreading art community, that includes the Salvador Dali Museum.  And a vibe that resembles a year-round and tamed version of Art Basel, a huge art event that happens yearly and pops off Dec 6-9 in Miami Beach.

Here’s a piece local muralist & artist, Matt Kress did of me earlier in the year:

St Petersburg artist

The downtown area is full of progressive restaurants, which my gluten-yeast-cheese-free self can certainly appreciate. Alongside, hip bars, lounges and concert venues and amazing locally owned boutiques.

These shots were taken there, and are another brilliant collaboration with Jayson from JHR Photography @jhrphotos.

Let me know what you think!

Purse: @gucci Boots: @zara Skirt: @topshop Bodysuit: BP @nordstrom

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